Pendrive Reminder

Don't forget your pendrive!


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Usually, when we have our pendrive plugged in our computer for a long time, it's not strange we forget it. That's the reason why we offer you this lite, free and portable application.

It works really well and you have to do nothing. You only have to copy the file you are about to download and run it once it is copied in your pendrive. From then on, it will be run automatically when we'll plug it in any PC.

If you don't touch anything, when you'll close session, restart or shut off the computer, a notification wil be featured in screen. In case you want to customize those alerts, you can set times and intervals to show the warning to remind you that you have the pendrive plugged.

If you usually forget your pendrive, don't hesitate, this free program can save you a lot of money and headaches.